People matter. It's cheesy but it's true - you're only as good as your weakest link.


Having recruited as an Estate Agency Sales Manager and Business Owner, a Contact Centre Director and as Head of Recruitment for a Global Brand, I understand intrinsically, the need for culture-based recruiting. You can train for skills, not for personality. 

At Grace & Candour we're advocates of culture-based recruiting. Making culture a piece of the hiring process influences cost and income across the board. Hires who are a strong fit have greater job satisfaction, which boosts engagement and productivity. 

Understanding your organisations culture, values and ethos before crafting an authentic message to sell the role to the right candidates is a basic fundamental for succesful recruitment. 


By understanding the culture of your businesses, we will be also be able to address the challenges of change and growth. Partnering with us will provide you with the talent you need to stay one step ahead.


Over 90% of our current business is obtained from personal referrals and repeat clients that we have provided excellent service for. We retain our new clients through exceeding their expectations, while managing our own, and by using a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find the best talent in the market. We have access to a comprehensive database of suitable clients, and we use our vast network to search for the right candidate and employer fit.

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